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Pixel and Pen Studios started as Line By Lion Publications, a publishing house dedicated to the concept that authors, and readers, deserved more. More representation, more diversity, more unique storylines. They needed a publisher who, as an author herself, would treat an author's work with the same dedication and passion as the author did. So, she openened Line By Lion Publications, a publishing house dedicated to giving an outlet to unique voices and unheard stories.  Then, at her very booksigning, the author met an artist. He was the owner and creative genius behind TLJOnline. This artist started as a fan, became a friend, then her cover artist, and eventually her husband.  Eventually, though, as they merged their lives, it only made sense that they would merge their businesses. Thus, Pixel and Pen Studios was born, a place where authors and artists all over the world are celebrated and where their unique voices and styles come to life. We are more than a publishing house, we are a family of wierdos, geeks, and creatives working together and supporting each other. And what we produce is more than books are art, they are gateways into another world. We are so glad that you decided to join us! Pull up a chair, pour yourself some coffee, tea, whiskey (we don't judge) and take a look at all we have to offer! 

This is the best book that I've read in a while. It does touch a little bit on controversial topics such as abortion, drugs, hate speech, and thoughts of suicide. It was easy to get lost in the book as it was almost like being a secondary character who was following them around and living the events with them. There was a little bit of romance, fighting, and of course, a lot of emotional turns that will make you love but also hate Kat and Dave. Throughout the entire book, you'll be rooting for Kat to be able to forgive herself, find redemption with Dave, and journey to love herself.I give Tied To You a 5/5 star rating. This book will definitely keep you on an emotional rollercoaster. I recommend this book to anyone who is interested in reading a young adult book about making amends, finding self-forgiveness, and going on an adventure of finding oneself. It also has a little bit of romance.

LitPick Book Reviews
"Tied to You"

Poignant and positive, but also laced with heartache, reality, and struggle, this is a book that children who feel like a bit of an underdog are sure to treasure and get inspired by every time they pick it up. The intended reading age of 7 to 12-year-olds will find that they can escape into this highly accessible book independently, or indeed discuss and explore the novel with friends and family. The chapter book formatting is gorgeous and well spread out to make this feel like a classic adventure novel, and there are varied modern themes and different personality types for Albert (and us readers) to discover, empathize with and fall for time and again. Overall, The Incredible Adventures of Absolutely Normal presents a lavishly descriptive and inspiring story from talented storyteller Amanda Rotach Lamkin, and it's a tale not to be missed

LitPick Book Reviews
"The Incredible Adventures of Absolutely Normal"

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