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Who We Are

Pixel and Pen Studios started as Line By Lion Publications, a publishing house dedicated to the concept that authors, and readers, deserved more. More representation, more diversity, more unique storylines. They needed a publisher who, as an author herself, would treat an author's work with the same dedication and passion as the author did. So, she openened Line By Lion Publications, a publishing house dedicated to giving an outlet to unique voices and unheard stories.  Then, at her very booksigning, the author met an artist. He was the owner and creative genius behind TLJOnline. This artist started as a fan, became a friend, then her cover artist, and eventually her husband.  Eventually, though, as they merged their lives, it only made sense that they would merge their businesses. Thus, Pixel and Pen Studios was born, a place where authors and artists all over the world are celebrated and where their unique voices and styles come to life. We are more than a publishing house, we are a family of wierdos, geeks, and creatives working together and supporting each other. And what we produce is more than books are art, they are gateways into another world. We are so glad that you decided to join us! Pull up a chair, pour yourself some coffee, tea, whiskey (we don't judge) and take a look at all we have to offer! 

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